Accessing Open-Source Software; Support

Extreme User-Friendliness of HPD Software

HPD took many, many man-years to reach its truly Launch-readiness stage, esp. with its incomparable GUI and comprehensiveness (because we had huge ambitions as shown below in “Ambitious Plans prior to Open-Sourcing HPD”), thus we are calling it “Product(s).”

Accessing Software

  • Please contact Jean Parks for instructions & information (relating to newness as we go through the transition to Open-Source status, etc.)
  • Optional HPD Software Packages:
    • User version (we recommend starting out with this since HPD is quite large in scope)
    • Developer version

Note (please refer to HPD/Software GUI and other pages for descriptions of the suites): While HPD_VA – the most important suite – could have been set up to be accessed alone, the other suites all use basic structures from HPD_VA, so need to access it as well. In the future, however, the options – for either User or Developer versions – could then be:

  • HPD_VA only (for umbrella area of Variability Analysis – includes almost all Fundamental and Major Breakthroughs)
  • All HPD suites (i.e., HPD_VA, HPD_M, HPD_Opt, HPD_OW)


Please contact us for any support needed (Training, Consultations, Documentation, User Manuals, HPD’s Methodology/Appropriate Stochastic Modeling, …)

Ambitious Plans prior to Open-Sourcing HPD:

Variability Institute (VI) sought to establish VI at some universities as a consortium to enable (i) fundamental changes in how Probability/Stochastics is taught and applied and (ii) collaboration to further advance revolutionizing Stochastics.

HPD Software Licensing/Acquisition

  • Licensing: Since one of our goals was to educate a WIDE population of those who need to address Variability in the revolutionary & easy way to deal with it, licensing fee was to be quite reasonable. (Free to academia, of course.)
  • Acquisition: One goal was to seek acquisition** (reason: urgency due to team’s age & health) by a major corporation (e.g., Microsoft, Apple, CAE/MBSE/PLM corporations), ensuring full transition of expertise and successful deployment.

Training (Software & Methodology) & Consulting

As many know, Probability, as a concept, may seem easy to grasp for most technical people; working with it, however, even in its very limited existing ways, is far from easy. HPD, however, was developed for easy absorption and use, thus needs only a short amount of training which will not only be on using the software, but also on teaching the HPD Methodology (includes the stochastic work process, especially for structuring a problem comprehensively & “Modeling”).