New Announcement
 (Earlier Announcement at page bottom)

HPD Software (the Suites Are Monumental in Scope!) now Available Open-Source

Two Major Reasons:

  • HPD is a Fundamental Game-Changer; it’ll enable dramatic changes in how we think & work, and bring efficiency & clarity
  • Urgency” due to aging/health/passing of HPD’s Principals. (See About/Background)

Complementary Effort:

  • We are seeking “Heir” organizations/entrepreneurs to take over HPD. (Please contact us if interested)
  • Plans are in place for publishing a (very reader-friendly) Series of 4 Volumes on HPD’s Revolutionizing Stochastics (thus revolutionizing F/R/R Analysis, Design Optimization, and much, much more)
           (It is being restructured/rewritten from our 1-Volume 480-page draft which would be too overwhelming in one shot)
  • Documentation (User Manuals for the Suites, + . . .) currently in usable stage

Glimpse of HPD & what it can handle (or enables handling)

Beyond capabilities stated in Home (which are included in Boxes 3 & 4 below),
there is significant impact from the capabilities in Boxes 1 & 2 on Failure Analysis and much more

All will become clear.
Note: The Breakthroughs & Extreme Comprehensiveness are what empowers HPD.

Original Announcement (Prior to Decision on Open-Source)

Variability Institute is emerging from its many, many years of development & productization in silence** to

Launch Its Revolutionizing Suites of Software

The Software & the complementary Methodology, together titled HPD, provide a GREATLY needed capability for
simple & advanced applications of Stochastics (see Home and Breakthroughs)

Existing capabilities for such are quite rudimentary (yes, Monte Carlo, etc. are) & disjointed,
and some common techniques/tools are even erroneous
HPD LEAPFROGS over all that (see Breakthroughs)
Further, HPD’s User-Friendliness equips every engineer/user with fingertip ease!

** We have kept a 95% silent profile (see “Products” & About) in order to develop the HPD software to the level of Extreme User-Friendliness & Comprehensiveness to enable a HUGE impact when launched!

Some Familiar Key Words & HPD’s Capabilities

A look at some key words in different disciplines/application areas shows that they are essentially related material that are now fundamentally advanced, simplified, clarified, put in perspective, and handled by HPD with ease:

  • In Design Engineering (esp. of Electro-Mechanical Products): Tolerance Analysis/Tolerancing; Failure/Reliability Analysis; Sensitivity Analysis; Contribution Analysis; Design Optimization (Robustness, Latitude, Operating Windows); Flow of Cpks; . . .
  • In Other Areas: Risk Analysis/Management; Uncertainty Quantification; Sensitivity Analysis; Stochastic Optimization; . . .; Probability distributions; Functions of Random Variables; Stochastic Modeling; . . .