Products; Services; a Consortium?

Variability Institute (VI) seeks to establish VI at some universities as a consortium to enable major collaboration

HPD Software Licensing/Partnering/Acquisition

  • Licensing*: Since one of our goals is to educate a WIDE population of those who need to address Variability in the revolutionary & easy way to deal with it, licensing fee will be quite reasonable. (Free to academia, of course)
  • Acquisition: Another goal is to seek acquisition** by a major corporation (e.g., Microsoft, Apple, CAE/MBSE/PLM corporations) because HPD:
    • Enables a paradigm shift in quantification and thinking (i.e., liberated into the Stochastic Realm)!
    • Leapfrogs over all that exists! In fact, we will aggressively seek this route!
         We would ensure full transition of expertise and successful deployment.

*Since we have only focused on developing/productizing HPD thus far, we are flexible on Licensing and will welcome discussions. Also, we would like to invite a few “User Corporations” to be our Beta Sites; this includes free consultation (e.g., on problem Structuring & “Modeling” it)
**For reason, see footnote in About/Background.

Training (Software & Methodology)

  • We have found that while Probability, as a concept, may seem easy to grasp for most technical people, working with it, however, even in its very limited existing way, is far from easy. HPD, however, was developed for easy absorption, thus needs only a short amount of training which will not only be on using the software, but also on teaching the HPD Methodology (the stochastic work process, especially the Structuring & "Modeling").
  • Training can be onsite (at your workplace) or at our location (in Santa Barbara, CA).


  • Consulting services can be provided for attacking your problems, including the "Modeling" part, to yield results.