HPD's Breakthrough/Advanced Capabilities & Concepts

A Fundamental Breakthrough:

HPD can compute "Exact" Output Distributions!! (Far supersedes Monte Carlo!!)

This enables:

  • Multi-Level Variability Propagation (with Important Implications on attacking problems!)


           This is in concert with our Breakthrough Methodology on Stochastic "Modeling" (see HPD )
  • Uncovering Existing Misperceptions (e.g., of what are adequate for fitting distributions)
  • Breakthrough Thinking (e.g.: easy Transcendence from Deterministics to Stochastics; FLOWs of: Variabilities (FoV), Distributions, Stochastic Models, Cpks; . . .)

HPD's Other Breakthrough/Fundamental Advancements Far Supersede Existing Techniques for:

  • Sensitivity/Contribution Analysis (existing ones have gross omissions & errors!!)
  • Stochastic Optimization for Design Engineering needs (re. existing ones: Taguchi Methods has severe limitations and a fundamental fallacy**; others are by What-If iterations)
  • Stochastic Optimization for Operations Research needs (existing area is in nascent stage)
  • Structuring a (complex) Stochastic Problem with the associated "Modeling" (see HPD)! (currently non-existent)
       **Parks, JM., 2001,"On stochastic optimization: Taguchi MethodsTM demystified; its limitations and fallacy clarified," Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics,16(1),
          pp. 87-101.