HPD Software



This site is for SO many who need to deal effectively with Variability/Uncertainty,
but are hampered with the rudimentary status of existing capabilities (i.e., tools & methodologies).

Now imagine having extremely-easy-to-use advanced tools (& methodologies) at your fingertips to handle that!
That is what we are announcing as launch-ready (See below).
It is titled HPD - for Holistic Probabilistic Design (or Decision-Making).

Who needs it the most?
 Engineers in Manufacturing Industries (esp. Design Engineers of Electro-Mechanical Products)!
See HPD/Some Specifics on Design Engineering

But beyond applications, HPD will enable a total paradigm shift for the 21st Century,
to being able to think & work naturally in the Stochastic Realm, and for unifying concepts!
Thus Academia (esp. Mathematicians) needs to be aware of this liberation.

Brief Glimpse of HPD & what it can handle (or enables handling)

All will become clear.
Note: The Breakthroughs & Extreme Comprehensiveness are what empowers HPD.

Launch Announcement

Variability Institute is emerging from its many years of development & productization in silence*** to

Launch its Revolutionizing Suites of Software

The Software & the complementary Methodology, together titled HPD, provide a GREATLY needed capability for:

  • Variability Analysis**(especially for Engineers) (See Key Words below for all that this includes)
  • Risk Management (in Decision-Making)
  • Design (or Stochastic) Optimization, Robustness
  • MANY Related Areas****listed in any single conference on Stochastics, Uncertainty Quantification, or Modeling & Simulation

Existing capabilities for such are quite rudimentary, sparse, & disjointed, and some common techniques/tools are even erroneous!!

HPD LEAPFROGS over all that (see Breakthroughs)
Further, HPD's User-Friendliness equips every engineer/user with fingertip ease!

Because of HPD's Comprehensiveness, the info on this site is shown in layers to reduce overwhelming the viewer

**    Notice our emphasis on using Variability Analysis instead of Uncertainty Quantification. The reason: Our Umbrella Area of Variability Analysis & Optimizing against Variability encompasses SO much more! - See Key Words below.
***    We have kept a 95% silent profile (see About) in order to develop the HPD software to the level of Extreme Comprehensiveness & User-Friendliness to enable a HUGE impact when launched!
****    Currently for any such type of conference, many related areas (those in Key Words and beyond), all handle-able by HPD, are classified under a huge list of topic categories; they could, however, be simplified into just a few.

Some Familiar Key Words & HPD's Capabilities

A look at some key words in different application areas shows that essentially they are related material (recall similar comment in footnote **** above) that can be simply explained and handled by HPD.

Some Familiar Key Words:

  • In Design Engineering (esp. of Electro-Mechanical Products): Tolerance Analysis/Tolerancing, Failure Analysis. Reliability Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Contribution Analysis, Design Optimization, Robustness, Operating Windows, Cpks, Latitude, Modeling and Simulation, ...  
  • In Other Areas:  Risk Analysis/Management, Uncertainty Quantification, Sensitivity Analysis, Stochastic Optimization, . . . , Probability Distributions, Functions of Random Variables, Stochastic Modeling, . . .


  • Addresses all those and much, much more!  Further, it liberates one to think & work with Variability with EASE!
  • That it is based on rigorous mathematics (which users need not see) actually enables simplifying the whole subject area.