Variability Institute was formed 9 years ago (but HPD's history began much earlier); we have kept a 95% silent/invisible profile till now to:

  • Enable total immersion in developing/productizing the HPD Software, and in writing the HPD Book
  • Enable making an immediate impact on all affected disciplines and application areas when launched

    (Note: Consistent with our product developing background, we did not publish piece-wise results, in contrast to researchers' practice.)

Who we are**:

  • Jean Parks (Ph.D. in Math), Founder & Chief Technical Officer, has had 26 years of prior experience in applying Math to Engineering needs (at, e.g., Lockheed Missiles & Xerox). She had also managed very large engineering organizations in developing advanced Electro-Mechanical technologies & Systems Integration at Xerox. After retiring from Xerox as a Fellow, she was a Professor of Math at the University of Rochester for 5 years before retiring (a 2nd time) to ultimately return to "completing" HPD.
  • Sabina Saib (Ph.D. in Computer Engineering), Chief Software Officer, has had 40 years of prior experience in embedded computer applications (at, e.g., ITT& Cisco Systems). After retiring from Cisco, where she was a Department Director, she joined Variability Institute.
  • Mohammad Noori (Ph.D. in. Civil Engineering), Chief Technical Advisor, has over 34 years of experience in academia as a recognized scholar in the field of Stochastic Mechanics. He has made original contributions in non-Gaussian random vibration analysis of nonlinear systems. His extremely distinguished & dynamic career includes – see footnote *** for details – prolific scholarly activities and high level leadership roles & positions (including internationally). He is a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and has also been a fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
  • Chun Li (M.S. in Mechanical Engineering), Chief Consultant, has had 35 years of prior experience in developing software for engineering needs (at, e.g., Boeing & Xerox). After retiring from Xerox, he became the chief developer of the HPD software.


  • Variability Institute has been a self-funded start-up, just now making its public appearance.
  • Knowing the huge need for HPD and the huge impact it would make on application arenas and a paradigm shift, we are seeking wide deployment, or be acquired (see Products). Interested parties (potential acquirers, applications engineers, software developers, and potential partners), please contact us.
** As stated, three of us are retirees. Why are we foregoing typical enjoyment of our golden years? – Because we are driven by (i) the tremendous advancement that HPD is that will enable major & pervasive changes in thinking & working with Variability and (ii) wanting to pass what has been incorporated into HPD down to posterity. Our aim is to (a) enable HPD take hold in both academia and applications arenas and (b) transfer our expertise to a team of mathematicians & software engineers who will propagate its deployment and continue its advancement.

*** Details on Mohammad’s distinguished career: (i) Noori has authored over 250 refereed papers and 6 scientific books, has edited over 25 technical volumes and special issues of scientific journals, has supervised over 90 post-graduate research projects, and has presented over 100 keynote, plenary, and invited talks. (ii) He is the founding executive editor of an international journal and has served on the editorial board of over 10 other journals. (iii) He has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Kyoto University Disaster Prevention Institute and at Seoul National University of Science and Technology in Korea, and has been a Distinguished Visiting National Chair Professor in China. (iv) Noori directed the Sensors Program at the National Science Foundation in 2014, was the dean of Engineering at Cal Poly (2005-10), was the RJ Reynolds Professor and the head of mechanical and aerospace at NC State (1999-2004), and the JW Higgins Professor and the head of mechanical engineering at WPI (1991-99). Noori is currently a professor of mechanical engineering at Cal Poly.