Fundamental Advancements That Revolutionize Stochastics

(e.g., for Failure Analysis, Optimizing for Latitude & Robustness, …);
Significant Implications!!

For Whom is This Site

All who must deal with Variability/Uncertainty, e.g.:

  • Civil & Other Engineers in Infrastructure, Structural, & Performance Analysis (failure/risk/reliability (F/R/R) Analysis, . . .)
  • Design Engineers in manufacturing industries (F/R/R analysis; Optimizing for latitude/robustness/operating window; Tolerancing)
  • Others include those in the Sciences, Finance/Business, …

Also, those in Academia: In Probability/Statistics; Applied Mathematics; Engineering; . . .

Our New, Comprehensive, Extremely User-Friendly, and Revolutionary HPD** Software & Methodology

  • LIBERATES Applied Probability, esp. distributions^^ & concepts (See BREAKTHROUGHS!!)
  • Revolutionizes how to Stochastically Model, Analyze, and Optimize and what modeling & simulation means***
  • Corrects some currently common techniques that have omissions & errors
  • Greatly Simplifies applying Probability to whatever has Variability (so that anyone can do it!!)
  • Overturns some current concepts in Applied Probability
  • Unifies, Clarifies, and Simplifies Design Engineering Practices, . . .

See Implications page!!

** HPD stands for Holistic Probabilistic Design (or Decision-Making)
*** Real-world situations are rife with Variability; shouldn’t we be addressing them in the Stochastic Realm? (Hasn’t been possible till now!!)
^^ Because of the liberation, we will not use pdf & cdf; instead, just density distribution (or simply density) & cum distribution

IMPORTANT: See Announcement (re. Open Source HPD software)!!